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Mushrooms from my yard (7800')

Mushrooms from my yard (7800')
June 21, 2009 12:52PM
I took some pictures of the mushrooms found in my yard today. We live at 7800' in the foothills west of Denver, with mixed forest of Ponderosa, Spruce, Aspen and meadow grasses. Too bad I don't trust myself in identifying which are edible though. Enjoy the pictures, and I'm curious if any one knows what some of these are from the pictures alone.

Re: Mushrooms from my yard (7800')
June 22, 2009 09:48AM
Thanks for sharing your photo gallery. You have many nice specimens there. Here are my observations.

015 - Studded Puffball
019 - Looks like oyster mushrooms - Pleurotus
020 - possibly Laccaria laccata
023 - possibly pluteus cervinus?
025 - possibly an Agaricus of some kind.
028 - possibly Laccaria laccata

The oysters are probably growing from an old decaying aspen log.
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