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Many species found yesterday

Many species found yesterday
July 06, 2009 10:11AM
Here is a species list from yesterday afternoon in the Pike National Forest around ~8000ft in elevation.

Amanita muscaria
Amanita pantherina
Pleurotus populinus (Oyster Mushroom)
Russula xerampelina
Suillus brevipes
Suillus granulatus
Hygrocybe conica
Laccaria laccata
Polyporus arcularius
Gomphidius glutinosus
Tremella mesenterica
Suillus lakei
Agaricus xanthodermus

There were several other unidentified specimens as well. This was from only about an hour looking around. The Oyster was found a bit higher up around 9000ft on a rotting aspen stump..

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Re: Many species found yesterday
July 08, 2009 10:53AM
Here is a pic from the same place on the 7th.

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