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Re: questions to colorado locals

questions to colorado locals
April 14, 2011 08:17AM
hi everybody. i was told that last august was the most fruitful in the last 8 or 12 years. we were there last year (san isabel area) and did extremely good i'm talking about kings. so we decided to come again this august. i was also told that few years back freeze came before august and killed all the mushrooms. is it true? does any of you local guys remember such instance in the recent memories? i also would like to know was there a time when no kings was found? and one more thing, does good year always followed by bad one? thanks to all for info.confused smileysmiling smiley
Re: questions to colorado locals
April 14, 2011 11:17AM
Last year was one of the best for Kings that I recall for the past 6+ years. I cannot speak for before that time. There are always a few in august, but last year they were everywhere along the front range mountains. I am not really sure of any freezes in august, but high up in the mountains it can freeze any time of year. I camped in July at 10,000ft last year and woke up with a frost on the ground. I have had some dry years for Kings in areas that typically fruit every year. It is dependent on many factors. Beginning with the snowpack, ground moisture leading up to the season, monsoon moisture & humidity in august being the main factor. Some mountain ranges produce better than others on a given year. For instance, the La Garita and Sangre de Cristo mountains have been rather dry in recent years while the front range has been producing more due to more monsoon moisture. It always varies. Your best bet is to come mid-August and start exploring high elevation valleys near spruce.
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