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Learning edible mushrooms

Learning edible mushrooms
June 20, 2009 12:10PM
My husband, niece and I want to learn about edible lawn and wild mushrooms. When does the season start here in the Denver (metro) area? Also HOW DO YOU IDENTIFY THE POISION ONES? Are there any good mushroom books for Colorado? We will be going to Michigan in September, how about mushrooms there?

Any help will be greatly appriciated.

Thank you in advance.
Re: Learning edible mushrooms
June 22, 2009 09:53AM
Firstly, you should avoid lawn mushrooms as lawns are typically fertilized and treated. Mushrooms can absorb those toxins.
The mushroom season has begun with all the rains we have had all spring. The peak of the mushroom season is around August. Mushrooms of Colorado & the Southern Rocky Mountains is a great book for our area. David Arora has some really good mushroom books as well. By far the best way to learn is to go out hunting with someone experienced, or with an experienced group of people.
Re: Learning edible mushrooms
June 22, 2009 09:25PM

Thank you for the name of the book. We will not go out on our own. A woman that my niece works with, picked some mushrooms and cooked them for herself and her husband. They both ended up in the hospital.
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