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Re: Noob to mushroom hunting

Noob to mushroom hunting
April 25, 2013 09:37PM
Hey folks,

I'm brand spanking new to this. I'm looking to be able to id a few edible mushrooms while backpacking this summer. I have downloaded the android app. I'm just unsure what a spore print is, how to obtain one. Also what is a "stain", and how do I get that? And what's latex? If you're supposed to peel the skin off, that's the skin on the cap right? I'm not looking to be able to id all of the edible mushrooms at once. Just a few that are around while I'm hiking along, doing my thing, that can be cooked up quickly and easily without too much prep. What's the general procedure for id?

Thanks for all the general, and basic introduction in advance!
Re: Noob to mushroom hunting
May 02, 2013 01:06PM
I highly recommend a book called:
Mushrooms of Colorado: And the Southern Rocky Mountains


It is no longer in print but comes up occasionally on ebay and such, although the prices asked can be astronomical; nevertheless, it's the best book I know of for our region.

To obtain a spore print, you want to separate the cap from the stem of the mushroom, moisten the top of the cap with water (wet your finger and rub the water over the cap) then place the cap on a flat piece of glass or paper and cover with a cup overnight to keep a breeze from spreading the pores. In the morning you will find the mushroom has dropped it's pores and this will help you identify what it is.

King Bolete, morele, oyster and chantrelle are some of the best ones you can look for.

Good luck.

Re: Noob to mushroom hunting
May 05, 2013 06:32AM
Right on, thanks buddy! I'll look around at used bookstores to see if i can find that book. Your advice has been extremely helpful.
Re: Noob to mushroom hunting
May 09, 2013 10:47AM
Ok, i found that book at the library, and ordered one for about 30 bucks after shipping. Should be here in 6 weeks or so. What are the seasons for different types of mushrooms?
Re: Noob to mushroom hunting
May 09, 2013 11:09AM
Morels and Oysters are just about in season.
Re: Noob to mushroom hunting
May 09, 2013 01:26PM
I found some Oysters today that were past their prime. Morels are out right now as well as a few Shaggy Manes. The best time to hunt mushrooms in our local mountains is in August during the Monsoon rains. Have a look at the book "All The Rain Promises and More" by David Arora.

Mushroom Books
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