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Re: ID--Looks like a Dark Brown Milky Cap

ID--Looks like a Dark Brown Milky Cap
July 29, 2013 11:17AM
Hi. I am new here at this forum and new to mushroom hunting. I moved to Evergreen and found some on my property and also on a hike yesterday. These looks like lactarius delicious but are dark brown, not chocolate brown, more like a dark golden brown. They were found on a steep shaded hillside were there are growing and felled fir trees, mostly.

There was no laytex/milk when cut but I read that lactarius don't always give off milk in Colorado.

There is no veil, ring, or base cup.

The top is smooth and has a depression in the middle. About 2" to 3" wide.

The gills are attached to the stem, they are loosly packed, and it looks like cells more towards the rim.

The stem is very dark brown, almost black. It seems hollow. It isn't strong. After I picked it, or maybe before, the mushroom would fall over, not supported.

No brusing and no spore staining on white or dark golden paper.

It feels tacky and wet, though it isn't really wet per se. It really smells like mushroom. I took a tiny piece and bit it and tasted it with the tip of my tongue. It wasn't a pronounced flavor and maybe a little acrid and my mouth seemed peppery afterwards.

I have photos but can't figure out how to make the file 614.4 kb from about 694. I would be happy to email them or lower the kb if someone can offer instructions. I have a couple more mushrooms to post, too, so getting the pics attached would be best.
Re: ID--Looks like a Dark Brown Milky Cap
July 29, 2013 11:21AM
Did I just figure out how to reduce photo file size?!
open | download - Mushroom Brown Lactarius I.png (282.4 KB)
Re: ID--Looks like a Dark Brown Milky Cap
July 29, 2013 11:31AM
Here's the underside.
open | download - Brown III.jpg (71.6 KB)
Re: ID--Maybe a Russula amoenolens
July 30, 2013 12:22AM
Maybe Russula amoenolens

Russula amoenolens
Re: ID--Looks like a Dark Brown Milky Cap
July 30, 2013 02:20PM
My latest idea is that these are old Russula amoenolens. [www.mushroomexpert.com]
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