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Another great web site with information on Colorado Mushrooms, Cultures and more.
Tom Volk's Fungi.
Crested Butte Wild Mushroom Festival Web Site.
A good site about foraging for Wild foods. Including plants and Mushrooms.
Mushroom Observations by users of the site. A very cool site for current findings and information.
Pikes Peak Mycological Society
David Fischer's American Mushrooms.
A web site that serves as a cross-reference for websites related to the science of mycology (the Study of fungi) within the state of Arizona. Many species listed there are also found in the state of Colorado.
The Colorado Mycological Society Web Site. A good source of information about Mushrooms of Colorado and local information.
Colorado Fly Fishing and Fly Tying.
Information on Native Colorado Plants and Identification.
The Fungal Jungle - Home of the Western Montana Mycological Association.
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Ken's Anglers Fly Fishing in Colorado.
Mushroom World
A great site on all types of mushrooms with lots of information about collecting and mush more. Over 600 different Mushrooms and Keys.
A site about Mushrooms of California by Michael Wood. Another great source of information.
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One of the largest online databases of Mushrooms for both North America and Europe by Roger Phillips. This site is based on his 20+ year studies of Mushrooms and other Fungi. This site has more than 3000+ images of Mushrooms and Fungi. One of our personal favorites.
Southern Idaho Mycological Society
A Web site about wild foods as well as mushrooms. Great information about Edible Mushrooms.

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