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Another great web site with information on Colorado Mushrooms, Cultures and more.
Tom Volk's Fungi.
A good site about foraging for Wild foods. Including plants and Mushrooms.
Mushroom Observations by users of the site. A very cool site for current findings and information.
Pikes Peak Mycological Society
David Fischer's American Mushrooms.
The Colorado Mycological Society Web Site. A good source of information about Mushrooms of Colorado and local information.
Colorado Fly Fishing and Fly Tying.
Information on Native Colorado Plants and Identification.
The Fungal Jungle - Home of the Western Montana Mycological Association.
Ken's Anglers Fly Fishing in Colorado.
Mushroom World
A great site on all types of mushrooms with lots of information about collecting and mush more. Over 600 different Mushrooms and Keys.
A site about Mushrooms of California by Michael Wood. Another great source of information.
Southern Idaho Mycological Society
A Web site about wild foods as well as mushrooms. Great information about Edible Mushrooms.

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