Amanita muscaria
(Fly Agaric)
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Location: Colorado
Spore Print: White
Edibility: Poisonous
Color: Red

Coniferous forest typically near pines and other conifers such as spruce.

Red with white spots. White gills on the bottom. Some say this is Colorado's Magic Mushroom which is quite different than a Psilocybin mushroom. Some eat this mushroom for the intoxicating effects which is not recommended and is a dangerous practice. People who have eaten it say its best to dry the caps first. It is said that people who try this mushroom for its intoxicating effects often regret it. Other mushrooms in the Amanita genus have caused fatalities. This is one of the only known hallucinogenic mushrooms in Colorado. It grows in abundance during summer months and can be found at most elevations in the woods. It is called the "Fly Agaric" because is was once used as a fly poison. It was also said to be used by the vikings for intoxication. It is famous for its association with the Lewis Carroll book 'Alice in Wonderland'. There is a long history of associations with religions, faries, gnomes and is surrounded by mysticism. It is also considered a good luck charm in the same way as a four leafed clover.

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