Turbinellus floccosus
(Scaly Vase Chantrelle, Gomphus flocossus, Gomphus kaufmanii, Gomphus bonarii)
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Location: Colorado
Smell: Very Mushroomy
Edibility: Poisonous
Color: Orange to Brown

Grows on the ground, in the woods. Usually in small clusters. It is mycorrhizal with Douglas fir and other conifers.

Some people eat this mushroom especially in Asia though it is not recommended. It can cause vomiting and diarrhea. This mushroom reminds me of a hybrid between a Hawks wing and a Chanterelle. The top has scales and the bottom has ridges. It could be confused by beginners as a Hawks wing (Sarcodon sp.) however the Hawks wing has spines underneath and is brown. The genus has recently changed from Gomphus to Turbinellus. It can be found as Gomphus floccosus in older literature.

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Oct 28 2021 09:25 AM

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