Cantharellus roseocanus
(Golden Chanterelle, Chanterelle, Girolle, Pfifferling, Cantharellus cibarius)
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Location: Colorado
Smell: Fruity
Spore Print: Yellow
Edibility: Choice
Color: Yellow to Orange

Chanterelles are found in the woods, on the ground in mixed aspen and juniper bushes. They like areas where the ground gets flat. Anywhere from 7000 to 11000 ft. They need a lot of moisture.

The Golden Chanterelle is a very sought after gourmet mushroom. Smells fruity like Apricots. They are usually free of bugs unlike most other mushrooms. This one is a personal favorite. They are not very easy to find. Some years more abundant than others. The only issue is that they can be fairly dirty and cleaning them can be a real chore but well worth the effort. C. roseocanus is the name given due to the "rosy" looking color of the cap of our local variety. There could be others as well.

The false chanterelle Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca is a look-a-like that it is commonly confused with.

Cream of Chanterelle soup is a great way to serve them.

Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca

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