Agaricus julius
(The Prince, Agaricus augustus)
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Location: Colorado
Spore Print: Purple to Black
Edibility: Choice
Color: White to Brown

On the ground, in the woods.

Agaricus julius is the rocky mountain version of Agaricus augustus. Brown scales on cap with a shaggy stem. It stains yellow on cap when bruised or scratched. Agaricus amicosus is similar but stains red while the prince stains yellow. A. amicosus scaling pattern is also slightly different as well as color. This is one that is not found most years. The bugs like it so much it's typically infested by this stage. This is a beautiful mushroom and once you see it you its one you can't forget. It reminds me of a portabello mushroom but much better. It smells distinctively cherry almond in my opinion. One of the very best Agaricus for the table. This mushroom is still being studied and there could be a couple of variations in Colorado. I've seen both small and very large specimens. We will not know until more are collected and DNA sequencing is performed on collections.

Looks similar to Agaricus Amicosus

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Oct 28 2021 12:54 PM

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