Agaricus didymus
(Woodland Agaricus, Agaricus Silvicola, Agaricus sylvicola)
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Location: Colorado
Smell: Almond
Spore Print: Brown
Edibility: Edible
Color: White turning Golden yellow.

This mushroom is found under various conifers in the mountains. Also found in mixed forest of aspens and conifers. It grows on the ground.

This mushroom stains yellow to golden when bruised or handled. The cap is from white to a golden color. Notice the cogwheel shape on veil (Some other Agaricus have this too). It is closely related to Agaricus arvensis (The Horse Mushroom, Grows in Grass, City). It is edible for most people. It has a distinct cherry almond smell and a bulbous stem.

There are a few other yellow staining Agaricus which grow in our forests. Some of the others are much larger and are not all well documented. This one in particular is very easy to identify once you smell one and get use to it.

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Jul 20 2021 12:27 PM

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