Armillaria mellea
(Honey Mushroom, Shoestring Root Rot)
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Location: Colorado
Spore Print: White
Edibility: Edible, when well cooked
Color: Brown

Grows in the woods, usually at the base of tree stumps. It is associated with Aspen in Colorado. You wont typically see them until later into the season. The first week of September is a good time to go out and look for them in Aspen groves.

Also known as Shoestring Root Rot. Black rhizomorphs grow underground spreading the disease from tree to tree which resemble shoe strings. Armillaria mellea is responsible for killing many trees each year. These were found at the base of large older Aspen trees. They were fruiting in such abundance you could gather pounds of them.

Edible when well cooked for most people.

Another honey mushroom Armillaria solidipes is very similar in appearance but is associated with conifers.

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