Pleurotus populinus
(Oyster Mushroom, Aspen Oyster)
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Location: Colorado
Smell: Anise like
Spore Print: White
Edibility: Edible
Color: White to Tan

Mountainous areas in Aspen groves. Look on dead trees, stumps and even up high.

Grows in clusters on aspen and other poplars such as cottonwood. Gills run down the stem. White, Tan or Brown at full maturity. Oysters have a very unique smell that is hard to describe. They need to be collected when very fresh if they are to be eaten. They get infested with bugs rather quickly. Young specimens are a choice edible. This is also one of the easiest mushrooms to cultivate. If you have ever bought fresh oysters from the supermarket you should be able to identify these right away. This is one of the best species for the table in my opinion. At night they glow in the dark.

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