Suillus tomentosus
(Poor mans slippery jack)
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Location: Colorado
Spore Print: Olive Brown
Edibility: Edible
Color: Yellow

Grows under pine trees in the mountains.

The pores will stain blue after they are scratched. Some people eat this mushroom but it is reported to not be very good, and some have been known to get sick. The Pores and / or the flesh can stain blue. Most specimens have small scales on the cap. The scales can be washed away from summer rains. This mushroom is associated with pines.

Although this mushroom is edible, it is not advisable to eat any boletes that stain blue or have red pore surfaces as they could be poisonous. Suillus tomentosus (Poor mans slipper jack) is an exception.

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Aug 06 2016 09:34 AM

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