Morchella angusticeps
(Black Morel)
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Location: Colorado
Spore Print: Cream
Edibility: Choice
Color: Brown

Above 7000ft along streams or burn areas. Sometimes found in Aspen groves where its wet. Other times found in areas with lots of conifers.

Black morels can be rare or even non-existent some years and very abundant others. They can be difficult to spot because they look very much like a pine cone. They fruit from late May into July moving up in elevation.

There are many morel variations in Colorado which are still being studied and named. I have personally seen two very different looking black morels in Colorado.

They taste amazing and are highly sought after.

Be careful not to confuse with the false morels Verpa bohemica or Gyromitra species which are very poisonous. True morels are hollow when sliced lengthwise.

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