Marasmius oreades
(Fairy Ring Mushroom, Scotch Bonnet)
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Spore Print: White
Edibility: Edible
Color: Tan

Grows commonly on Lawns and fields. Grows on my lawn every year.

Marasmius oreades is a common LBM which grows on lawns and in fields. It can easily be confused with many other lawn mushrooms which is why you should be very careful of your identification if you intend to collect them for the table. Take some time to study them and you will become very familiar with them over time. They have gills which are more well spaced then other lawn mushrooms. They have a cap which begins slightly bell shaped. Both the stem and cap are tan. Some other lookalikes have tan caps but white stems. We find it interesting that they call it the Fairy ring mushroom when they are typically found in small groups on lawns. We have never seen an actual "fairy ring".

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May 16 2019 10:28 AM

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