Truncocolumella citrina
(False truffle)
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Location: Colorado
Spore Print: Yellow
Edibility: Unknown
Color: Yellow

One to a few under Douglas Fir in 7000 - 9000ft in Colorado.

Yellow on the outside and somewhat spongy resembling a potato. The center is darker aging to brown. Solitary to a few or in pairs. They are usually underground and sometimes you will see part exposed or dug up by pine squirrels and probably mice. Similar species include Rhizopogon and Suillus. DNA sequencing studies suggest that Truncocolumella is taxonomically related to Suillus. (

A few sources say that its edible but little is known on its edibility. However seeing how most Suillus species are edible it leads me to believe its probably edible too. It's said to have a strong taste of licorice even hours or days later. I've never tried it but curious about the culinary possibilities as its so different.

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