About Colorado Mushrooms

This web site was originally created by James Chelin in 2005. It began as a small web site project to database the Mushrooms of Colorado while I was learning them. I thought it would be a great to share this information with other people. I had no idea that it would turn into what it has today.

I now spend my summers leading forays and teaching wild mushrooms with the Pikes Peak Mycological Society. I am also very grateful to lead forays at the Telluride Mushroom Festival every year with our club and fellow mycophiles.

I hope that you enjoy my web site. This work is from many years of studying and hunting mushrooms in Colorado. It all began when I found a beautiful Amanita muscaria growing near my compost bin in Black Forest, CO back in 2004. Although I was always facinated with mushrooms when I was young I became totally obsessed with mushrooms when I found the Amanita that day.

In the news:

'We are advancing the science': Wild mushrooms, DNA and citizen scientists in Colorado's Mountains

With so many undiscovered mushrooms, citizen scientists find new species all the time

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If you are in the Pikes Peak area and would like to learn more about our local fungi consider joining our club the Pikes Peak Mycological Society. If you are in the Denver area check out our friends at the Colorado Mycological Society.

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