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Suillus kaibabensis

Suillus kaibabensis
(Yellow Jack, Slippery Jack, Suillus granulatus)


Grows on the ground in the Rockies and southwest under ponderosa pine.


They usually have a yellow to brownish cap with Dotted stem. This is one of the most abundant mushrooms in the foothills of the Front Range. Edible, but skin on cap and pores should be removed first like most Suillus unless very young. Many Europeans collect this mushroom. There are several variations of this mushroom with different names. Many books and field guides list it as Suillus granulatus however that is a European species with darker brown cap and mycorrhizal with different pines. Also known as Suillus granulatus var kaibabensis. Each Suillus species is mycorrhizal with specific trees especially pine or other conifers. The easiest way to identify them is to identify the host tree species. Youngest specimens are best for the table. Once they age they can get rather slimy and full of bugs.



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