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Boletus barrowsii

Boletus barrowsii
(White King Bolete, Porcini)


Colorado foothills, Arizona, New Mexico, California and adjacent states. It is typically found in the mountains at lower foothill elevations as it is mycorrhizal with Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir. Some years it can be more abundant than others. Generally found from 6000 - 9000ft in elevation in Colorado.


This is a fairly large mushroom very similar to Boletus rubriceps. It was named after Chuck Barrows who originally discovered this species in New Mexico. It is also known as the White King Bolete. This mushroom is often hidden under the pine needles and can be difficult to find young specimens. Bugs really like them and they're often not visible until its too late. This is a highly sought after mushroom that some prefer to its close relative Boletus rubriceps. Always a pleasure to find. It is more abundant during moist years. Edibility is just as good if not better than B. rubriceps.


Colorado Foothills

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