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Russula brevipes

Russula brevipes


These were found on the ground under Ponderosa pine trees.


Russula brevipes is often the host attacked by the mushroom parasite Hypomyces lactifluorum aka the Lobster Mushroom. Russula brevipes is edible but not considered very good one unless it becomes a Lobster. This mushroom is actually just as good if not better than a Lobster. It's just difficult to get it before the bugs do. Look for mushrumps in the pine needles. Russula brevipes is mycorrhizal with various conifers especially Ponderosa pine. Russula brevipes var. acrior is a a variation with a slight blueish / green on the stem.

Caution: Be careful not to confuse with one of the poisonous blackening Russula's. They can appear similar until injured or cut and then they turn brownish black.



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