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Russula xerampelina

Russula xerampelina
(Shrimp Russula, Crab Brittlegill)


These can be found from lower foothill elevations up to treeline with Pine, Fir and Spruce.


This mushroom is more robust than most Russulas. Sometimes with a pinkish blush on the stem, yellow to orange spore print and stains brown where nicked or rubbed. Cap colors can be variable from Reds, Purples, Oranges and others but mostly Purple. Tastes mild when a small piece is sampled raw then spit out. Cap usually convex. This mushroom can take some time to recognize and is not good for beginners due to possible confusion with other poisonous Russula's.

Key Identifying Characteristics:
1. Stains Brown
2. Smells Fishy or Shrimp-like in older or dry specimens.
3. Yellow to Orange spore print.
4. Sometimes a slight reddish pink blushing of the stalk.
5. Cap convex usually darker in the center.
6. Tastes Mild (Not spicy, peppery, or acrid).
7. More robust than most red Russula's usually sometimes larger in size.

This is one of the best edible Russula's and most sought after. It can be grilled, toasted or broiled. It's usually caked with dirt on the cap which can be difficult to clean.



Spore Print

Yellow to Orange




Red / Purple / Orange

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