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Agaricus campestris

Agaricus campestris
(Meadow Mushroom, Pink Bottom)


Open meadows, often grassy areas especially where cattle graze. Sometimes under Ponderosa pine. Agaricus campestris is very common both on lawns, and up in the mountains in alpine meadows. It is one of the few Agaricus mushrooms that grows in both habitats.


A very close relative of the commercial button mushroom. This is one of the most commonly collected mushrooms. Also known as the Meadow Mushroom, or Pink Bottom. It has a much richer flavor than the common button mushroom. Agaricus campestris does not stain when bruised or cut which is very helpful in its identification. If it does stain it is only slightly pinkish. Typically with small scales on the cap. It is a shorter, smaller Agaricus with a short stem and a small ring at first. The caps have distinct scales on them. Look really close at the top of one.





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