Amanitas > Amanita muscaria var. flavivolvata

Amanita muscaria var. flavivolvata

Amanita muscaria var. flavivolvata
(Fly Agaric, Amanita muscaria)


Coniferous forest typically under ponderosa pine or spruce.


Amanita muscaria are red with white warts and white gills with a volva (cup at the base of the stem). They can be very abundant over 10,000 ft in Colorado from July through September usually where you find King Boletes. It is called the "Fly Agaric" because is was once used as a fly poison. This is probably one of the most well recognized mushrooms when people see it. The Amanita muscaria in our area is of variation flavivolvata. This variation is characterized by the yellowish cottony remnants around the edges especially when young. See the color on edges of caps on the younger specimens pictured here.



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