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Amanita pantherina

Amanita pantherina
(The Panther, Western Panther, Amanita pantherinoides, Amanita Ser. Pantherinae)


Foothills to Sub-Alpine forest. Pretty common with Ponderosa pine and other conifers.


This mushroom is in subsection Pantherinae of Amanita. Yellow to brown (with age) with white spots. Grows out of a volva like all Amanita's. A close relative of Amanita muscaria containing more of the same toxins. There are several pantherina related species in Colorado that are still being studied. Although most books call it Amanita pantherina that is actually a European species. On the west coast they have Amanita pantherinoides (Western Panther). We have several in Colorado and they're likely not all named. More study is needed. This is usually one of the first mushrooms to pop in early summer before other mushrooms come up in July.



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Yellowish Tan

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